Spiritual Health Parallels

Regular reading and study of the Bible is like a balanced diet.
Both are essential to life. Praying in the spirit is like weight training. Both build strength and stamina.

You can’t live without eating. But you can live well if you don’t workout. And because of that, many people only focus on diet and not strength training. Maybe their life doesn’t require much activity or strength. So they think.

But others live a life that demands fitness and endurance. Thus they need to not only eat right, but they need strength that comes from praying in the spirit. Or was I talking about weights? Either way, I’m re-learning the power of prayer. Paul said to Jude that he could build himself up by praying in the spirit.

So if you find yourself weak, and in need of…’something.’ I encourage you to start a prayer regime. Be consistent. Don’t try to over exert yourself. But just start, and stay committed. Make sure you eat before and after to compensate. And in a short time you will grow stronger.