Life is long; do hard things

If you think life is short you might live too cautiously. 

You’ll play small.

You won’t do anything big because there’s no second chance after failure.

But what if you thought… life is long?

Would you be more apt to imagine big audacious goals knowing that, if they don’t pan out, you can always try again?

What if you knew you could always pivot to something new?

And you didn’t judge yourself for mulligans.

… if you knew you had time to discover. 

Time to become. 

This is not just for the 21-year-old. But for the 51 or 71-year-old.

Like my mom who’s in her 70’s still with dreams of travel and writing books, and impacting others. 

Or her oldest sister who just turned 86 this week. 

Or my dad’s aunt who will turn 101 this summer.

Their life has afforded them countless opportunities to do hard things.

Win. Lose. Try something new. 

Do you have health? Time? A mind? A hope or a dream?

When you’re ready to do something new, exciting, or meaningful—- give me a ring. 

I want to be in your corner, and see you smile when you take the leap.

Create a Great Day!