6-1/2 Hacks to Get More People Reading Your Email without Changing How You Write Your Email

Did you know email marketing is the silent secret behind successful business online?

It’s true!

From the largest corporations to the social media influencers or e-commerce stores, down to profitable local businesses; all of them are using email, to increase the profit of all their marketing efforts.

Using paid ads, SEO or content / social media will help you get leads and first time customer…

But profit happens from email.

Email is how leads turn into customers or one-time customers become repeat buyers and raving fans.

Email marketing can be automated, scheduled, systemized and scaled with little to no cost.

But you must get people (1) onto your list. And (2) your subscriber have to read your email.

** Assuming you already have an email list, but not getting anyone reading them… here are 6-1/2 quick tips to boost your opens and engagement.

1. Remove People Who Don’t Open Your Emails

Let’s look at your last 10 emails…

Anyone who has not opened your last 10 emails, stop sending them emails.

Fully unsubscribe them or put them on a separate list.

By removing them, your open rate will increase. This will improve your reputation and deliverability with email service provides.

**When your reputation improves, more of your emails will land in the inbox, and even more people will be reading! 🙂

2. Create Segments or Sub-Groups

All your email campaign should not go to all your subscribers.

When you create sub-groups or segments, and send messages targeted to them your content will be more relevant.

Relevance will increase open engagement and also improve your relationship with your list.

NOTE: There are a few ways to create segments. See the free training and template for a visual on how to segment your existing list.

3. Ask People to Reply Back

How to not look like a spammer? Have readers sending you personal replies.

This is a simple hack to send a signal to email service providers.

As you should have caught by now, half of your issue in email marketing is getting email providers to see you a reputable and valuable.

The act of back-and-forth emailing is what friends do. And emails between friends are always prioritized.

4. Change the Sender from “Company Name”, to a “Personal Name”

Every signal you send that implies mass, corporate or impersonal will slightly decrease your engagement.

People are more responsive to people over companies.

Think about it…

  • Hand-addressed envelope compared to stamped.
  • An graphic designed newsletter vs a three line written message

Note: I am NOT saying graphics never work. Not saying your business emails will need to come from your individual email address.

But, try this.

If your emails come from <> Instead of having the sender as “Company” try sending your email from “Owner Name” and still use <>.

Now about the content in the email… Let’s see the next point. 🙂

5. Remove the images and links from your campaigns

Once again our purpose is two-fold.

(1) Can you act like a real person in a way that reduces the likelihood of being flagged as spam, promotions or business by email service providers?

(2) Is there a way to speak to your reader like a person and not a mass audience?

Sometimes you can achieve this by removing graphics and html.

Note: If you have purchased an email list and/or are looking into B2B cold email strategies, this is key.

When you remove images and html, especially with purchased lists you have a 10X more chance of getting delivered than if you don’t.

To learn more about cold email, check out our 10 Laws of Cold Email training.

6. Tell the reader what they should expect from you after signing up

The moment you get a new subscriber, you have their attention. Especially if they subscribed to get a free gift.

Or when it’s an email confirmation message after a purchase.

Now you can tell the reader something like, “Make sure you check your email tomorrow. I am going to send you X.”

Or you may say something like this… “Welcome to my email list. Every Tuesday morning I send a new email with my top….[ ] So make sure you look for my messages on Tuesdays! Every time you open my emails, it teaches my system to keep sending them. However, every time you don’t open them, it teaches my email system you are not interested.

After 10 times in a row, the system will unsubscribe you in order to protect our reputation.”

See how that works?

Set the expectation.

Conclusion and the 1/2 tip…

The power of email marketing comes from: (1) having direct access to your leads and customers so you don’t have to pay for on-going advertising. (2) Scheduling and automating single or series of messages and then (3) Tracking engagement to segment subscribers based on behaviors.

However, sometimes the best way to get an email message read is by alternative lists, similar to but different from email.

Two examples would be: (a) SMS lists and (b) Messenger Bot lists.

They can act just like email, performing the three key functions stated above.

In addition, SMS and Messenger are not as widely used by companies as does email. Therefore your % of messages being read will be 2-3 times MORE than email.

So, I encourage you to master the 6 points in email before trying advanced channels. Then start testing in other marketing channels.

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