Your Business on Social (in 2020)

30 Days of Videos, Coaching and Content to Demonstrate How to Do Business with Social Media


Day 1: Intro & Survey: Why demonstrating over teaching –

Day 2: 3 Ways to come up with ideas: –

Day 3: Dealing with Fear, Building Momentum, Acknowledging Obscurity –

Day 4: How to Attention & How to Drive Action:

Day 5: Father’s Day – Skip

Day 6: Summary of first five days…

Day 7: Your Feed vs Your Friends (DM):

Day 8: “You CANNOT post too much”:

Day 9: “Which platform has the most engagement?

Day 10: “Reflections, Authenticity and GaryVee’s ‘Document Don’t Create”

Day 11: Book Recommendation “The Business of Expertise

Day 12: Sunday — Nothing. 🙂

Day 13: Tool for Automation and Repurposing When You’re Not in the Mood to Post

Day 14: Is TikTok the new Instagram? (+10 Hacks for Using)