Sanctified Ambition

Sanctified Ambition Book by Arvell Craig

Sanctified Ambition

When life doesn’t stay within your Christian box, what do you do?

When your formulas and success principles no longer work, how do you stay encouraged?

Can you remain committed and passionate about God in every season?

Sanctified Ambition will give you 6 uncommon lessons on sensing and seeing God in success or failure.

  • Enlarge your perspective for your divine purpose
  • Discover how seasons trump calling
  • Break free of ruts and disappointments
  • Recognize barriers to unlimited thinking
  • Revel in the freedom of being a child of God

This book is a quick and easy read – – no fluff and no filler content!

Sanctified Ambition brings revelation, experience and Biblical insight to people who don’t want to compromise with their ambitions nor their walk with God.

Stay in faith and refuse to settle for less than what you were called to become!

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About the Author

Since graduating with his Masters of Divinity, Arvell Craig has been an associate pastor, church planter, entreprenur, and adjunct professor in the US and in Africa, all in search of trying to be someone to God. Little did he know that God didn’t need him to go anywhere or do anything.

Sanctified Ambition explores six uncommon lessons for seeing and sensing God through either success or failure.”

— Arvell Craig



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