75 Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

This Might Not Work » 75 Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know

I wish I could say the subject line on this email was made up.

Unfortunately, I can’t.

Google “marketing tips” and you’ll find an overwhelming number of “must know” things to be successful online.

The crazy thing is, the more tips or options presented, the more perceived value.

But It’s far from true.

So in the spirit of not being overwhelming, I’m going to keep the rest of the emails in this series short and sweet.

For example, tomorrow I’m going to show you 3 templates that cover 80% of marketing campaigns. Not 21 or 101 templates… just 3.

So hold up on the UpWork project. Slow down the Fiverr search. And wait before you buy that authority branding course.

Let me just give you the goods. Then, if you need some 1-on-1 help implementing, we can shortcut that process too.

Most of us need trusted people to work with us and not for or at us.

But I digressed.

As I said, short and sweet.

Today, I want to share the 5 steps that make an effective marketing campaign.

  1. Know your market
  2. Make your offer compelling
  3. Build a funnel (not a website)
  4. Have a method for driving traffic
  5. Create nurture or follow up system

That’s it.

Whether your idea is a short-term hustle or long-term business. These 5 components will make or break you.

For those who join my new program, I will personally guide you through the 5 steps to make sure your campaign is structured right.

Tomorrow’s 3 templates will help you really understand this. ( other gurus would charge you hundreds.)

Your only cost will be opening my email.

Will I see you tomorrow?

Happy Friday.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig