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Email #1 – Introduction

Email #2 – Dreams Don’t Come True. Goal Do!

Email #3 – Black Friday’s Matter

Email #4 – What is a Minimum Viable Product or Funnel

Email #5 – 75 Marketing Tips  Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Email #6 – Your Gift – My 3 Favorite Campaign Templates

Email #7 – [CASE STUDY] – How Coaching Saves John a Year

Email #8 – Your Problems & Dreams

Email #9 – My Final Offer: “200 Hot Prospects”

Email #10 The Formula for a Fulfilling Life

For Passionate Growth-Minded Entrepreneurs

Turn Your Idea Into a Successful Black Friday (or Christmas or New Years) Launch!

Phoenix, Arizona
September 6, 2020

Dear Growth-Minded Entrepreneur,

You don’t have to keep buying courses, watching Youtube videos or joining Facebook groups to launch your product.

Trust me. I used to do the exact same thing.

But endless knowledge consumption doesn’t change anything.

In fact, the only change it brings is increased dependence on the guru, or running to latest greatest system, app or framework.

But I’m here to pull down the curtain and reveal the hidden truth.

This wizard behind the scenes is no different that you.

He just had about 10x more failures.

Even if he teaches you his mistakes and framework, you need to still make your own. You can’t avoid the process.

However with strategic guidance and support you can accelerate your learning process.

Don’t wait for perfection.

If you’ve been procrastinating and waiting for the perfect time to start or finish, let me remove the analysis paralysis. 

Now is your time!

Escape from the rat race and take your idea across the finish line. 

My program will be different that anything you’ve seen on the web.

However, I believe in you and your crazy idea.

I believe in pursuing meaningful projects, risking failure and dying empty.

For those who believe like I believe… We must birth and see our ideas become reality.

That is why I’m launching this program.

Are you Committed to Launch?

Who this IS for: 

  • You want to launch a product for Black Friday, Christmas, or New — Now is perfect time!
  • You want to break away from your day job or main business to create a product or course — Let me show you how to make a minimum viable product to quickly get market feedback.
  • You are stuck with the technology of WordPress or Funnels and just want a little guidance with hiring an agency. — Let me show you how to make a minimum viable funnel with minimal software or time.
  • You purchased courses and trainings but still are not sure if what you have is good enough. — Let me be your sounding board and strategic coach to help you gain the confidence needed to finish your project.