The Formula for a Fulfilling Life

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Woo Hoo!

What a journey!

This email concludes the promotion of my new coaching program: Committed to Launch.

( Or technically, the program has only begun. Today is just your last chance to join (a) without an application and (b) at the early adopter pricing, and (c) with all the complimentary bonuses. )

Anywho, I’ve got one last thing to share with you.

Henry, what’s your formula for a fulfilling life?

Like… how do you make sure your actions, plans, and goals are not just short-term hacks and hustles but carry some meaning that make the struggle worth it?

I know. Loaded question.

But this is why I do what I do.

My marketing is not just to get rich and retire early.

I want to bring awareness to what’s meaningful and fulfilling to you. But buried and maybe procrastinating on…

That’s what I hope you and I can do together.

My most meaningful moments came when I created meaningful things that impacted lives.

So let me share with you a simple “affirmation formula” I recently learned.

Start with the words: “No matter what ____”

Next fill in the blank with a meaning project or goal.

Then use the words “and that enables me to ____”

Finally, Add a personal impact your goal will bring.

This formula is a way to connect marketing and meaning. Business and impact. Income and legacy. Finances and family.

That’s the whole point of my program.

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Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig