My Final Offer: “200 Hot Prospects”

This Might Not Work » My Final Offer: “200 Hot Prospects”

Yesterday, I was chatting with someone about our “Committed to Launch” project and discovered some holes in the offer.

In short, the exact deliverables appeared to be little vague.

A bit meh.

So after thinking about it, I came up with a few tweaks.

These tweaks are to clarify how you can 10X your investment.

If you invest $1k, your return could be $5-$10K easily.

You stick with me for 6 months and invest say… $3k to cover three launches (Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years) we project you could see upto $30k back into your business!

This of course is contingent on your product, course and service bringing a high value to your customer.

To summarize…  here is the program deliverables as they stand:

1. The big picture is me coaching and consulting with you on strategy and technology. Plus, I’ll keep you accountable to your weekly goals.

2. I will build WITH you a marketing funnel to promote your product/service during Black Friday. We’ll learn from the results, tweak and plan again for Christmas. Repeat again for New Years.

Of course, the number of launches is your discretion.

3. After your funnel is created. I will assist and coach you on how to drive traffic to your offer. You can use paid ads, retargeting, email or even referral partners. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

You will have my assistance in planning your ads, and reviewing the results up to the first 200 hot prospects.

How does this sound?

Today is the last day. 🙂

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Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig