[CASE STUDY] – How coaching saved John a year

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So there’s two parts to this email.

1. OPTIONAL: Have you heard the tale of the Brazilian fisherman and the businessman?

It’s a powerful story, that illustrates how we can be blind to our truth. It shows how following the well worn paths to success can be complicated and be a waste of time.

At the bottom of this email, I have a copy of the tale told by Paul Coelho, author of the Alchemist.

However, if you know the story, skip it and just read the case study from a former client, John T. Taylor.

2. CASE STUDY: How coaching John saves him a year…

Before our meeting, John was already successful offline.

However, his curiosity was growing about using the internet to take things to the next level.

After meeting with us, John says he learned in a day what he would have spent searching and learning in a year.

John’s testimony reminds me of the Brazilian fisherman and the businessman.

Without guidance, we all could spend years hustling down complicated paths, assuming it’s necessary.

But if we can get a little guidance, what takes some people years can be shortened greatly.

Not by magic or some secret. But by breaking down what’s truly meaningful and removing all the fluff that isn’t necessary.

I don’t have any secrets.

Just years of experience.

This program is geared to shortcutting your investment of time and money.

Listen to a snippet of John’s story and sign up here.

Note: There’s only a few more days until our introductory price closes.

Pay only $100 to “test drive” for two weeks. Then decide if you want to keep or cancel.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig