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I want to help you launch something meaningful.

My new program is a 3-6 month commitment of unlimited support to you on:

✓ business & marketing strategy
✓ design & technology
✓ accountability

This program is experimental and aggressive.

If you’re skeptical that’s fine.

I wanted it to be a crazy idea that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.

This 10-part email series,  is tasked with the hard work of laying a concrete foundation and filtering out the doubters.

A good offer will both attract and repel.

If you’re not committed to your goal, neither will I commit to you.

Today’s email will help both you and I understand your level of commitment.
In the first month of our program, we will dig deeper into this topic and you’ll agree to “COFOCUS”.

But today we’ll just introduce COFOCUS and share the four levels of goals.

The Four Levels of Goals

Friend, if you have been sitting on a dream, waiting for the perfect time or ideal circumstance, you might be suffering from procrastination or perfection.

Please don’t use COVID-19 as an excuse for stopping you this year. Although it’s a valid reason,  it’s probably not the issue that’s plaguing you.

In my opinion, life rarely opens up or makes room for dreams.


Because they have no substance.

Dreams are light and fluffy, airy fairy. Without weight. No pressure and no stress.
And as long as your ideas remain as ‘dreams”, you’ll have no pressure, no pain and no accountability to help you execute. Quitting will cost you nothing.
A while back,  I came up with a concept to help dreams become goals and manifest into reality.

The idea was called COFOCUS.
COFOCUS was a way to support goals with various levels of accountability.

I realized that dreams never have accountability.

They never have support because no other person commits with or challenges us.

COFOCUS or high performance accountability,  gets deep and sticky. This may depend on the type or level of the goal.
Let me illustrate.

Here are what I feel are the four levels of goals:
Level One: ViableLevel

Two: RepeatableLevel

Three: PredictableLevel

Four: Scalable

Viable goals are aimed to meet a minimum standard of existence.  In terms of COFOCUS, you will only need one person making sure you stay on task weekly.

Repeatable goals happen after you’ve already succeeded once. Achieving the goal a second time helps to prove the success wasn’t just a fluke or a one hit wonder.  

Since it’s already proven, you begin to not only want accountability on your efforts but you start to share responsibility. Whether you hire an employee, partner or contractor, as the entrepreneur you want to optimize time and energy based on your strengths.

You see with level one and level two goals your idea cannot hide in your head.

With a support system surrounding you, this limits making room for excuses.

The next two levels are for mature goals and not likely relevant for this program.

However, one of  our goals is to thoroughly break down each of the four levels in month one of the program.

If you ever found yourself stuck and unable to make real progress with ideas outside of your normal job or business… I will help you build a roadmap to make it reality.

We’ll teach on the structure necessary as well the importance of forming a lean team to get you moving.
The monthly trainings  are really just the icing on the cake.

The majority of the program will be direct assistance from me and my team.

But the COFOCUS process and four types of goals will be a huge game changer for many of you.

What do you think?

If you have questions or thoughts, please go to my site and post your feedback or questions.

I’ll respond to every question.

There’s still lots more to cover throughout the next 8 emails.  I’d love to hear your initial thoughts. I’m excited to take this journey with you.

Head over to the site and let me know.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig