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👋 Hey! Can I ask you a question?

Are you an idea person?

Not with pipe dreams or improbable fantasies, but genuinely interested and curious about what’s possible.

Things you know could happen, but maybe you’re too busy.

Or perhaps just limited on resources?

I don’t know… don’t let me project.

I’ll just speak for myself.

While some people can see all the typos and imperfections; gifted at pointing out six ways of potential failure.


People like me will see opportunities and generate ideas constantly.

We’re optimistic, opportunistic, and creative to a fault at times.

But as Gary Vee says, “ideas are sh$#.”

A dime a dozen.

Ideas cost you nothing. But execution is everything.

Facebook and MySpace?

Same idea.

One executed better.

So anyway, I have an idea.

And I’ve succeeded and failed enough to know it might not work.

Yet I’m still going for it.

Now the reason I’m writing to you is because my idea is about helping you make progress on yours.

You see, I’ve done a bit of digging and reflecting.

I’ve noticed there are a few things I do really well.

Areas of strength, not because only because of talent… but decades of experience.

I’m not that smart.

But I’ve been working on the internet for 20 years… and that gives me breadth of experience.

So here’s my idea:

I want to invite a few people with ideas to join me in exploration and execution over 3-6 months.

Imagine having these things supporting you build your idea:

  1. Strategy
  2. Unlimited Email/Chat Coaching
  3. Weekly Accountability
  4. Business support
  5. Technology support
  6. Best practices and marketing frameworks

Could that ☝️ help you get your ideas launched?

That is what I want to offer to you.

As I mentioned… this might not work. But that’s the point!

For me it’s worth launching ideas, writing books, and building apps even if they fall flat.

This is my nature to create. Birth. Invest. Share. Support.

This is for people with specific ideas and projects to launch

Recently, a friend asked me to help me build a funnel on helping people get unstuck.

Another person is trying to transition into a new brand identity.

Still another guy recently referred has an idea to build a paid newsletter.

Ideas are everywhere.

And procrastination is natural. Overwhelm and analysis paralysis is heightened when you’re all alone.

But you don’t have to go at this alone.

You don’t have a break the bank, write up a business plan or cash in your 401k to start.

You probably just need a little help with strategy, technology and accountability.

This is my idea.

It’s rough and still being developed.

This first round will be for early adopters.

Risk takers.

People pregnant with dreams, refusing to abort.

Soon I’ll open up a sales page and reveal all the juicy details.

For now, just think about what you want to do, build, create or share…

Maybe we can work together and make our dreams reality.

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig