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Behind the scenes of promoting and launching this new program is my wife Kiem.

I am blessed to have her slowly joining me in business and helping out.

( We tried working together about 8 years ago, but couldn’t make it work. Now, after 16 years, perhaps  we’ve finally learned how differences can compliment instead of conflict. )

Point is…

Kiem asked an interesting question after reading the previous email.

She wondered why I kept referring to “minimum viable” when describing how I can help your business.

“Minimum viable?” Sounds like technobabble.

I try not to use technobabble.

[ TECHNOBABBLE: elitist jargon for insiders. Often promotes intellectual superiority, not understanding. ]

But creating a “minimum viable products” (or MVP) is actually a common powerful idea which I want to unpack today.

If you want to get your ideas into the market quickly and efficiently, pay close attention to this concept.

The term “minimum viable product” originated in early 2000s and was popularized in the Lead Startup book by Eric Ries.

The idea behind a MVP is: You invest the least amount of time and money to build the shell of a working product. Then get real feedback as early customers experience it.

It saves you time, money and can give early proof of success.

For example.

Say you want to be an author.

You have an amazing idea for a book that you hope to get published.

Your MVP of a full-length book could be a 15 page book proposal.

Instead of dedicating the next 2 years researching and writing, you invest 30 days.

Research, outline the idea, write an intro and package that into a book proposal.

Next, you find an agent who pitches it to 5 publishers.

All of which get back to you a few weeks and say either: (a) here’s a contract and $50k advance to write it… -or- (b) they think the idea sucks and you’re better off being an accountant.

The MVP just saved you two years.

Now keep this in mind when thinking about a course, app or t-shirt business, etc.

How can you make a minimum viable product.. or better yet, minimum viable marketing funnel?

While the average person might take 3-6 months building, buying, dreaming and polishing an idea without knowing if it will sell… You learn how to take 30-60 days to test market your idea fast. Less time, energy and maybe less stress.

Maybe you’ve generated a few “pre-sales?”

Now you’re confident.

Now you’re ready to finish and polish the idea.

Sound appealing? Ready to play? Let me help you…

As we evaluate ways to move forward, there are two options.

1. I can be your virtual CMO via brief live calls
2. I can be available via our online platform via chat and messsage.

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Let me know which option will work for you.

Create a Great Day! – AC