Your Gift of 3 Campaigns Template

This Might Not Work » Your Gift of 3 Campaigns Template

80% of the time, you will use one of these campaign template.

You don’t need 75 tips.

You need a 5-step framework.

Then use one of these 3 templates. (The link to download is below)

Here are three of the most common template.

  1. Promoting to your own list of contacts.
  1. Promoting to strangers via Google/FB Ads
  1. Promote to people who have viewed your videos or browsed your content, but have not signed up yet.

Mind if I use myself as an illustration?

Right now, my goal is to sell the Committed to Launch Program.

My first goal is to use campaign template 1.

Starting next week, I’ll move on to templates 2 and 3 since I have an audience from various projects over the years.

It’ll make more sense when you download the templates.

Look it over and see what parts you have and what things you still need to work on.

Then watch the video of how I break them down.

Take what you learn and commit to launch!

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig