God in Business by Ted Cottingham – Book Review

“I’m calling you today to lay down your life, your skills, abilities, gifts and talents, your past, present, and future your wisdom, understanding and knowledge— your all, at the foot of the Cross. And when you stand up, stand up in the power of his might.”  –   God in Business by Ted Cottingham.


This is the seventh book for my weekly Wednesday book review

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God in Business by Ted Cottingham

God in Business is a very unique and special book. 

God in Business is the journey of a man adventuring into a deeper relationship with God and learning how to successfully be in business. 

The book talks of maturing spiritually in dedication and integrity and complete devotion. 

It’s not really a business book. It doesn’t give tons of business how-to principles, but it does show how the Holy Spirit can partner with a person in their professional aspirations.

The core message is God, summoning you to be in total surrender to Him alone. 

The book helps you become sensitive and aware of how the Holy Spirit can and wants to lead and direct you in business and all important decisions.

In most books, you can highlight nuggets of truth and attempt to follow their proclaimed steps to freedom or principles of success, etc. 

But in God in Business, you may walk away with a new an challenging way of walking with God and praying…

For example, here are a few prayers from the book:

“God, make what’s important to you important to me, and make what’s unimportant to you unimportant to me.”

“Increase my capacity to receive from you, Lord.”

“God, please don’t promote me beyond my character.”

“Lord let me see my blind spots.”

Here are some statements from the book that instantly connected with my heart, though I’d never really heard anyone say it previously: 

“God wants us to use the spiritual gifts he’s given us in business and not just in a church setting.”

“God’s plan for your life will not be as you suppose. To do what you were born for, will have to “uproot, tear down and destroy.” the traditions of man that adversely affect your thinking so they he can “build and plant” you. (See Jeremiah 1:10)”

“Although my times with God seemed to get richer and richer, my income steadily went down.”

“So many people have focused completely on the last three years of Jesus’ life and ignored all the implications that most of his earthly life was as a businessman.”

“The reason Jesus knew the voice of his Father when he was in ministry was that he knew the voice of the Father while he was in business as a carpenter.”

“God is not just in “ministry.” God is in the office. God is in the laboratory.” God is in our home.”

“There is no gap between the sacred and the secular for those who will partner with God to do what is in their heart. The walls separating business and ministry are coming down.”

“True leadership frees the decision-making abilities of those around them while still holding them accountable.”

“God anointed the experts (Exodus 31:1-6)”

“If you want to partner with God, if you want him to anoint you and your efforts, please buy into the importance of being the best that you can be, right now, at whatever you are and whatever you do, with whatever you have. God does not anoint laziness.”

“I am sounding a wake-up call for you to go to God more and more about the details of your work. Can you buy into the belief that he wants to be involved? Ask him to be involved. God to him often, many times a day. Partner with him and he’ll partner with you . Seek God. Seek excellence.”

Ok, that’s enough to whet your appetite right? 

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