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Excerpts from a Powerful Tony Robbins Speech w/Joe Polish and Peter Diamandis

Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis and Joe Polish

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The following is message could be hazardous to your limiting beliefs[/highlight].


Hey there,

Below is a transcript from a recent (2016) Tony Robbins interview I heard a few days ago.

I found it so powerful and inspirational I had cut and share this 12 minutes excerpt.

I felt I needed to see the words, not just hear them over and over like I normally do.

And so I began the work of transcribing and editing and now sharing here for your (and my) enjoyment.

1. Listen to the 12 minute excerpt here:

2. You can just read/skim the transcription below.

(Note: I’ll actually be updating this with post with images and more styling over the coming days.)

The content below is a response to a question from Joe Polish.

What Joe says to both Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis was this:
“When something is considered “impossible” how do you reframe it so it becomes possible in your mind, and how much of that is mindset?

Tony’s Response:

Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion.

When someone tells me it’s impossible I always just look at them, anybody around me knows that they can’t do that, that’s part of it. If they didn’t know me, it’s your opinion. They’ll say, “No, science shows.” I’ll say, “How many times has science showed something’s impossible, now science shows it’s possible?” Things are impossible till somebody does it. I find that most of your business people … You look at businesses and what does it take to make a business grow. It’s not impossible to make a business grow. Business has been shrinking for a long time or it’s been stuck.

The real problem is always, the choke hold is always, the psychology and the skills of the leader. Always, and 80% of that is psychology and 20% is the mechanics.

If you don’t know how to read your financials and you’re trying to fly the plane of your company, I mean, “Come on.” If all you do is go down and you look at profit/loss and you see what it is and you have a beer either way, you either celebrate or your depressed, something, you’re going to be in trouble, right. If you have the skillset that’s one thing, but you can get any skillset if you have the psychology. Anytime a business is not growing it is not because it’s impossible, it’s because they aren’t innovating and they are not innovating because they are believing it’s impossible.

If we all know what does it take to transform … Obviously, it takes three things to create a breakthrough in anything, in your personal life, in your business, anywhere.

You need a strategy, but that’s not the first place you should look and it’s the first place all of us look, me too. It’s our inherent thing. You want to lose weight? “Well, how do I do it?” “I want to go my business. How do I do it?” It’s instinctive. We’ve been trained to think that way. The problem is the how to is usually not that complex. I mean, come on, 70% of America, 75% of America, now is overweight. Is that because it’s so complex how to be fit and strong? Right. Only the 1% know the answers. They hide it from you. You have to work your a$$ off to not hear what it takes, right?

I remember I went to a TedMed Center and I walked about 12 doctors, one after another get up and do these stories about how if we could just get patients to take their medications and try to figure out the whole thing. I was just looking and going, “You’re all talking about strategy and you’ve forgotten psychology,” because … Strategy is wonderful. I’m a strategist. I spent my whole life figuring out strategies as we both know a strategy could save you a decade, right. Business strategy could make the difference between success and failure. Most people have strategies available, or they could get them, or you could create them.

The problem is you’ve got a story. Your story is why it isn’t working.

The story is, “I’ve tried,” what “everything.” If you tried everything you’d be fit, right. If you tried everything you’d be profitable. If you tried everything you’d be there. People say, “I’m big boned.” That’s what I used to say. I’m still big boned but I’m 38 pounds lighter than I was 25 years ago and I’ve never gained it back, right. I was big-boned, that was my story. “All of the good ones are gone, that’s why I’m not in a relationship,” or “They’re gay and I’m not or I’m gay and they aren’t,” whatever the story is. There’s always a story. What I tell people,

If you can just divorce the story of your limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity then the whole game changes,

but it’s hard to do that because when you’re in your story you don’t even realize it, so you need a third piece for breakthrough, and that’s really what my life’s about which is changing people’s states. In a different state we’re different people. Can mean people be nice?

Yes or no?

Of course they are, when they’re in a nice state. Can nice people be mean?


Sure, they get a mean state. Really learning to train yourself to be in an ideal state where the best of you comes out for yourself, for your family, for your mission, for your world, for your coworkers, to me that’s one of the most important decisions in life to make. You ask me of all the people I’ve met, all the things I’ve seen, what creates a magnificent life?

Everybody has goals and dreams that are different. Some people want a picket fence. Some want to make a billion dollars. Some want to have this huge breakthrough in technology. Some people want to write poetry. Whatever is right for people is what I want them for themselves. I don’t want them to be like me, or you, or anybody else. I want them to have their dream. To have it you need two skills.

You need number one, they have the science of achievement. It’s a science. You have to know how to take your vision and make it real. Most of the people in this event have already figured that out. This guy sure as hell have, and you have, and I have, so most of us know and we can all refine our skills in that area, but we know how to take what we dream about and make it real. If you don’t you can learn from somebody who does. The simplest thing is get crazily hungry for something. We all know when you get so hungry, so desirous your brain starts coming up with answers, and then it’s massive action but effective execution, which is all modeling, which I assume is what this is about.

Find the best example, compress the time. Let someone else take 20 years to figure it out. You do it in two weeks or two months or whatever the period is. We should all be standing on the shoulders of the people around us instead of reinvesting the wheel.

Then, there’s this thing called grace. If you work your ass off, you’re totally focused, you’re trying to serve something larger than yourself and you really are executing what works you need a little grace. You might want to call it luck, if you prefer, God, the Universe, but it’s there. We can all achieve.

I think the more important skill, if you ask me, is to have an extraordinary life is the art of fulfillment. It’s an art. It’s not a science, because there’s a science to making money.

I don’t care who you are, if you do certain things you’re going to have too much financial stress. If you do other things you’re going to have an abundance. There’s a science. There’s a science to your body. Everyone here is biochemically different, different genome, but there’s certain fundamental patterns that if you and I follow them you’re going to have tons of energy and going to feel good. If you break them you’re going to pay the price and have low energy or disease. Fulfillment is an art.

What’s going to fulfill you is different from the person next to you. You’re not going to learn that from anybody else.

You got to find it because success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

I get those phone calls all the time from the multi-billionaire entrepreneur or politician, or business person, or the person just won their Academy Award and they’re depressed and they can’t tell anybody, because they got all their goals but they’re not fulfilled, because they really don’t have that sense of meaning in their life. They went for something and they got it. They achieved.

If you doubt that what I’m saying is relevant to you, or us, or anyone just think about it, about a month ago we lost what I consider to be a national treasure, Robin Williams.

How many of you loved Robin Williams?

We’re going around the room. Keep your hands up. Look. Most of you didn’t know him, almost everyone. Anywhere you go in the world people love Robin Williams. By the way, was he great at achievement? Oh my God that guy. He said he wanted to become a great comedian. He did that. “I want to make the world laugh.” He did it. “I want to make my own TV show.” He did it. “I want the number one TV show.” He did it. “I want to make movies.” He did it. “I want an Academy Award for not being funny.” Not his skill set, drama, and he did it. “I want a beautiful family,” and he did it, and then he hung himself.

Make everybody happy but yourself? Not a good plan.

If I had a gift to give you it would be maybe make a different decision.

A decision is that no matter what happens in your life you’re going to live in a beautiful state, a beautiful state. That could be happy, that could be grateful, that could be being generous. Those are all beautiful states, aren’t they? It could be curious. It could be fun. It could be playful. You’re not limited to one state, but it’s different than suffering. Most people’s suffering and all suffering I’ve ever seen … I’ve traveled to a hundred countries. I’ve dealt with presidents of countries and presidents of businesses, CEOs, I’ve dealt with people in prison, I’ve dealt with you name it, average people.

Suffering always comes because you’re obsessed about something related to you.

You can only be depressed if you’re focusing on yourself. You say, “No, I’m depressed because of my kids and they’re not doing well.” No, you’re depressed because you feel you failed your kids. It’s about you. It’s about how you think, what you should have done, or shouldn’t have done, what someone did to you or didn’t do to you in the past or the future, which don’t even exist. I have a simple goal. My goal is help people make a decision that says, “I don’t know what’s going to happen.

You might get a divorce even though you don’t think so. You might find a member of your family with cancer. You might have your house get burned down or have a tornado go by, and if you live in the same place it happens every two years and you move back, we should talk. Some people seem to do that for some reason. You can’t control those things. I can’t control those things. I don’t want those to happen to you, or anybody I love, or anybody who’s even a stranger to me, but they’re going to happen. True?


Not positively, just the truth. If that’s going to happen, I say make a decision now that says,

“I’m gonna live in a beautiful state and I’m gonna find beauty in whatever life brings me,” because life is too short not to.

I see a little buddy over here named Sean. I remember when I got a phone call from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They said, “A young man is about to die and he wants to meet you,” and he came to a seminar and then I took him out afterwards. At the time if he coughed too much they said, “You can’t grab him.” I said, “I want to take him across the fire.” They said, “Take him across the fire?” They said, “If he coughs, he breaks a rib.” I said, “I’ll be really gentle. We’re gonna do this thing,” and he did it. Afterwards I sat down with him and said, “Man, I don’t have the answers but if your body, if you’re just coughing and it’s gonna make you break a rib, your body is so acid. You should get alkaline. Let me put you together with a doctor.” How many years ago was that?

I’m 36. I was 19.

You were 19 and you’re now 36. I like seeing you here, so brother muah. Give him a hand. He’s a beautiful man. Beautiful.

Sean. What made me think of Sean is Sean lives in a beautiful state. He could be bitching, and complaining, and whining and what does he do, his whole life is not about himself. That’s why he’s so happy. He doesn’t live in himself. He lives outside himself serving things he loves…

The bottom line is, this young man over here who now is at a different stage of life, he’s always been who he is. I think he lived because he lived for more than himself. I’m sure he felt pain, but we only suffer when we think about what’s being done to us, or what people are going to think, or what they should have done, or hadn’t done. You can’t control that stuff anyway. Why be pissed when people are going to do that. Are people going to be mean? Yes or no?

Are people going to be unfair and unjust? Yes or no?

Are people going to be beautiful and generous? Yes or no?

You just never know when that’s going to happen, so might as well enjoy yourself along the way.

I suggest today, if you want, if there’s any gift I came by to give you it’s to tell you what you know already, but get you to make a decision about, to actually decide I’m going to live in a beautiful state. That doesn’t mean I don’t get angry or tired. Suffering arises and you end it the moment you go, “I’m thinking about me. If I do this I’ll always be suffering.”

The human mind is always looking for what’s wrong. The human brain is not designed to make you happy, it’s designed to make you survive.

Happiness, that’s your job, and you only get it if you draw a line in the sand, “That’s how it’s gonna be.”

I can tell you, the few people that do it, I know a few people that have done it, they have magnificent lives, and when you have a beautiful state the best ideas come to you.