No Grace for the Hustle


What do you do when you get a little breakthrough?

If you’re like me, you’ll try to leverage it… take the momentum, pimp it, and make the most out of it. It also doesn’t matter what you do. Since you’ve got a some extra time, cash or favor, a common thought is now you can spread a little of your excess in areas you normally wouldn’t even both in. 

Does this make sense? 

Say you got an extra hundred or thousand dollars…

The temptation is to use some of that extra in ways you normally would not. And I’m not talking about personal pleasures. I’m saying invest a little in a sales or marketing plan you normally would not. 

Take some of your extra time and give it towards a work that isn’t exactly in line with your goals, but what the hey, you’ve got some extra time now, why not spend it experimentally towards something that may pan out?

In my experience, all these activities normally end in failure. They end without fruit or any real substance. And yet the temptation is always there. 

The temptation is to hustle above or outside the realm where grace exists. 

When I do the boring work… and it eventually produces some excess… I want to skip the mundane process and speedily make something happen without much work. 

But there’s no grace for the hustle. 

The grace is in the area that lines up with my design, my season or calling. 

There’s no grace for the gimmick, the get rich scheme and the lottery ticket. 

Keep doing what you’ve been doing. Do more of what really matters and trust thing will work out in due time.