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Thinking Is Not Living

Its amazing, when I stop to think about it, how often I over think things. Some call it, “analysis paralysis” other may say “procrastination”. But no matter how you describe it, the problem is I’m not actually living.
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I have a generic yet very applicable theme to this blog, “Aspiring, Perspiring and Inspiring.” (Aspiring – relates to my dreams and desires. Perspiring – relates to the effort, the down and dirty daily work. Inspiring – relates to the effects my life can make on others, when I’m faithful to God’s design and purpose.)

Oh, how I imagine great and lofty things for myself… My future and my potential are oh, so bright…

But unless I start doing things.. daily – this will only be in my mind.

And so, today, I once again choose to push myself into leaving the deep and nebulous realm of the mind and instead do something. Even if it’s just clicking “publish” on my blog post.


Create a Great Day! – AC