5 Reasons to Publish on

I’ve been writing stories on Medium since 2015.

But the more I think about it, the more I see the potential to generate a substantial income stream from it.

Now it may seem strange for me to post this article on my personal blog while highlighting the benefits of using, however…

When it comes to online marketing, you normally benefit from using multiple platforms over just one.

As long as you understand each medium or channel and use it properly, one could say the more the merrier.

With that…

Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider Medium

  1. Built-in Audience – is reported to have over 100M monthly viewers. So as compared to only creating content on your own private sites, using Medium or any social network will expose your content to a much larger audience.
  2. Built-in Monetization – has a simple feature to allow you to get paid based on the amount of traffic or time your article gets. They call it their Partner Program, which can pay you in two ways. 1. Times readers spent reading. 2. Refer people to join their $5/month membership.
  3. Built-in Audio – For some reason I’ve not really appreciated this feature but now I do. has a built-in audio feature where you can listen to a reasonably nice sound audio transcription of everyone’s article. This includes everything you post. And as far as I know, there’s nothing special to do to activate it.

    Sure you want to have a podcast, and I’d so go for it. But don’t sleep on the fact that posting on Medium gives this to you automatically.
  4. Built-In Spam Proof Comments – One of the best things about blogging is the ability to create a community via the comments. But with spam bots, most blogs have the comments turned off. But Medium, they have all the features to protect your comments from spammers and allow real people to engage and add more depth to the conversation.
  5. Built-In Scalable Distribution – One of the coolest things about Medium is the ease of accessing larger publications.
    On Medium a publication is like a “brand” or category of content. It’s like being a contributing author of a larger magazine. This way you can immediately leverage their audience and reach a larger group of people at no cost to you.

So those are 5 of my reasons. And as I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean I would not ALSO still post on my website or my email list or other channels. But if you are just getting started and you like to write and you do not have an audience and you don’t have a website… why not consider using as your platform?

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