Billion Dollar AI Transformation

Yesterday I talked with a COO of an Arizona-based Multi-billion dollar company. 

He began his AI transformation in 2018. 

Primarily sales enablement and chatbots.

Basic on-boarding and data processing use cases. 

Common problems and frustrations that didn’t need convincing or heavy lifting.

Today his AI transformation handles 90% or more of multiple processes. 

Including a customer-facing chatbot. 

From a value add and ROI… he attributes over $1 BILLION in value annually. 

He’s never let ONE EMPLOYEE go because of AI. 

It was a fascinating conversation. 

His perspective is unique. 

Not many companies or leaders have as much experience as him.

Dare I say no one has his level of experience? 

He started in 2018…

Committed to figuring it out. 

Now Today he’s reaping massive benefits. 

Where are you at in your journey?

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