Black AI Speakers and Leaders


Hey there! It’s Arvell Craig.

I was doing some Googling for Black AI Speakers and didn’t find much… so I decided to make my own page. 🙂

I wanted to highlight myself as a Black / African-American AI speaker, but I’ll also provide additional resources and links to others.

If you would like to learn more about my speaking, workshops, prices, and speaking availability, you can go here to learn more and watch my trailer.

Black TED Speakers

In 2023, there was a TED AI event on Tuesday, October 17. Below I’ve listed some of the Black Speakers who were there. Note: Only 3 talks were listed when I put this page together. I assume the others will be added shortly.

Other Black Resources and Leaders in Artificial Intelligence:

Black in AI – formally called the Black in AI Workshop, is a technology research organization and affinity group, founded by computer scientists Timnit Gebru and Rediet Abebe in 2017. It started as a conference workshop, later pivoting into an organization. Black in AI increases the presence and inclusion of Black people in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) by creating space for sharing ideas, fostering collaborations, mentorship, and advocacy.

Timnit Gebru – Founder & Executive Director at The Distributed AI Research Institute (DAIR). Recognized widely for her expertise in the ethics of artificial intelligence. She was named one of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders by Fortune and one of Nature’s ten people who shaped science in 2021, and in 2022, one of Time’s most influential people.


Sara Menker is an Entrepreneur and the CEO of Gro Intelligence, a company that uses artificial intelligence to forecast agricultural and climate trends. She is a trustee of the Mandela Institute for Development Studies and was elected one of the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders.


Prompt Camp – is two days of intensive digital transformation for small business owners. It’s Business in the Age of AI. By: Hajj Flemings – Detroit-based serial entrepreneur and brand technologist. Founder: Modern Athlete, Rebrand Cities, Prompt Camp and Co-Founder: RapVS.AI


Black Girl AI – Our mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in the tech industry by empowering black women to work with AI and become leaders, role models, and mentors in their field. We aim to create a supportive and inclusive community where black women can showcase their work, share ideas and knowledge, and inspire the next generation of girls to pursue careers in technology.


AI for the Culture is an active Facebook Group that brings awareness to various software that uses AI technology as well as sharing art that represents us. This is a safe space for creativity, fellowship and learning to monetize the digital world. 

Elizabeth M. Adams is an AI Ethics & Organizational Culture Advisor and CEO of EMA Advisory Services.  She is a Scholar-Practitioner recently featured in Forbes – “15 AI Ethics Leaders Showing The World The Way Of The Future”.

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