Cold Email Success Summit 2017

In a few days I'll be a featured speaker at the Cold Email Success Summit.

What is the event??

It's an online event teaching you the very best tools, tactics, and templates for reaching influencers and decision makers.

Why attend?

If you are in sales, business development or entrepreneurship... you can't go wrong by mastering this!

Cold email is a foundational marketing strategy that I teach and consult for businesses to get the most predictable results.

However, unless you study cold email, you're likely not very effective.

You see cold email is not blasting large lists or setting up a MailChimp account and sending newsletters.

Cold email is a prospecting approach that lies between sales and marketing.

It requires you to wear a creative copywriting hat but also possess some sales person hunger, hustle, and grit.

Anywho - if you've seen my 10 Irrefutable Laws of Cold Email Prospecting you already know the bulk of my method. However there will be 20 other cold email experts including:

Matthew Bellows (Yesware), Steli Efti (, Dmitry Dragilev (Criminally Prolific), Cathy Patalas (Woodpecker), Aaron Ross (Predictable Revenue) and many more!

So you will do yourself a huge favor by signing up for free ticket and then learning from as many speakers as you can.

The event will start October 18-20, so don't wait and miss it!

Get your free ticket now! Cold Email Success Summit.