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Three Keys to Creating Better Content

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to create great content.

You don’t need to know SEO, buyer psychology, or persuasion techniques…

Then again…

Those ^ skills would help, but honestly, there’s something more important.

** If you are in the trenches with your clients, you already have what it takes.

All you need in a new framework for turning your experience into better content.

Adjust your content with these three strategies to see much more engagement:

1. Use Stories
2. Use Questions
3. Use the Customer’s Language

(Watch this Video for Details)

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How to best implement these strategies?

A) Search Google for a book, webinar or training.

B) Get Marketing Coaching & Accountability


Create a Great Day!

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Illustrated Video of My Growth Coaching Philosophy

Every week I get new requests for marketing help. But the nature of my business has gone through a shift over the past few months. I still believe in marketing and I want to help people grow their influence and revenue, however my approach is changing.

In this video illustration I hope to convey my unconventional approach…

(Video is About 7-8 Minutes)

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The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Cold Email Prospecting

This year I’ve had the fortune of traveling and speaking at a number of marketing conferences.

My core topics for 2017 have been on “cold email” and “chatbot marketing”.

Today I wanted to share a workshop entitled, The 10 Irrefutable Laws of Cold Email Prospecting.

You might want to watch the video if…

1. You are involved in business development or outbound sales
2. You regularly send emails that are ignored
3. You have a purchased list of emails and not sure how to message them
4. You spend a lot of time on Linkedin trying to get business

Here are some specific things you could learn from the talk:

— The truth about what is legal and not legal when it comes to SPAM laws
— How to craft an email message with a high probability of response
— Why you should never use a standard email marketing program (mailchimp/constant contact) for cold email
— My recommended platforms sending cold prospecting emails

( This talk was about 19 minutes.)

[highlight]After You Watch The Video, Watch This ? ?? Case Study! [/highlight]


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5 Costly Misconceptions in Hiring Marketing Agencies

5 marketing misconceptions

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10X Networking in Phoenix: More Results, Leads and Growth

10X Networking Phoenix

For sales pros and business owners in growth mode.

Can you 10X your results with just a few changes in your approach?


In fact, it’s exactly what I did.

I mastered the Tim Ferris or Perry Marshall 80/20 attitude: create better productivity and efficiency with time and resources.

So let’s discuss some key skills to for better business networking.

But first, let’s take a few steps back…

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4 Ways to Manage Monkey Mind

monkey mind

How often is your mind at peace?

Do you ever sit still?

Must you always thumb through your phone to catch up on the latest news?

We live in a world that is increasingly more distracted and more busy. We have unlimited opportunities to remain in a busy state. But the problem is, if left without controls, our mental and emotional strength weakens.

But no worries … This change is happening across the board, so you don’t have to worry. Your decaying intellect is on par with the rest of society!

Seriously though, there is a lesson here.

I am reminded of a success quote that says: “If you want to know how to be successful, find out what everyone else is doing, then do the opposite!

I think there is truth to that.

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Hacking Pareto (80/20) with a Quaterly Clarity Assessment

hacking_pareto Many of us have heard of the ultimate productivity principle, the Pareto Rule.

▶︎ But how do you actually apply it?

Re: the Pareto Principle?

Originally applied to economics, the Pareto Principle stated 80% of the wealth of a nation was owned by 20% of it’s people.

For the lateral thinker, this principle finds use in all type of matters. For example, one could say, 80% of your money comes from 20% of your clients. Or maybe 20% of your weekly effort yields 80% of your most important results.

According to famed Internet Marketer, Perry Marshall, author of 80/20 Sales and Marketing, one understanding of Pareto, is seeing it as universal inequality.

Things will never be equal.

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5 Ways to Shortcut Feeling Successful

If you get only one thing from this blog, PLEASE GET THIS:

>> You Don’t Have to Wait to Feel Successful. <<


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Define a Successful Day

Before your day begins and you’re lost in activities.
Define what success IS today.

For every significant area you want to see progress in – know for yourself, when you hit your quota and then rest until tomorrow.

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Baby Behaviors – How to Set Yourself Up to Win

How do you know you’ll hit your goals?

Outside of your zeal, determination, superior DNA or planning, is there anything else you use?

Me? I use baby behaviors.

Baby behaviors are my small intentional actions used to create new habits.

If I can create a new consistent baby behavior, I can then more accurately define and hit my target.

And let me tell you- no action is too small.

The biggest thing that’ll stop you from building momentum is you’re making the starting habit too complex.