You’re Not Going To Always Be Inspired

Nor in the mood to follow through with what you’ve set out to do.

For most people, they live and work within the obligations of others. And so for the sake of their pride or their job, they some how find the strength to press on and get the job done.

But then there are the other types. People like us who somewhat answer to no one. At least in the area of our dreams that we are quietly pursuing. And so the problem with us is, since no one’s making us or threatening us, we can always change our mind and/or procrastinate. And if your hustle, your dream, your “thing” requires a little creativity – you can also make the excuse of a “lack of inspiration”.

Here’s two things I’ve learned from watching other people who have a self-driven commitment and follow-through. 1). Inspiration will often not be there but you still must create. A lifetime of consistancy beats random one hit wonders.

2). Some of your greatest works will come when you’re not inspired! Though they may not mean a lot to you at the time, they can still be inspiring and enlightening to others.


The Carpenter Who Built A House Without The Foundation

What does it take to drop a principle or piece of wisdom 12 inches from your head to your heart?

For over a month now and friend and I have been reading the 24 chapters from the book of Luke every week. The first three or four times I really hadn’t got anything from it. I’ve been focusing on finishing the readings as opposed to gaining any insights from it.

Then around my fifth time or so, it’s started challenging me. Last week a certain verse popped out at me and slapped me in the face. I was just telling my sister-n-law about a new mind set I was developing and now I see it’s about 180 degrees off from an admonishment of Jesus!

Oops!? I’ve read this book many other scriptures for years. Some principles I have memorized. Some have been transcribed to my Moleskine. But unfortunately, most haven’t come anywhere near my heart – nor changed the way I live.

In Luke 6, Jesus talks about the carpenter who built a house but didn’t lay any the foundation. He says people who hear Him but don’t change, have structures built on sand and unable to withstand storms. I guess I’ve always assumed since I’ve obeyed the major (imo) sayings of Jesus, I don’t have to sweat every single command.

But now, after a recent storm, I’m peering into my foundation and I see that it’s incredibly thin. It has many unfinished areas, missing parts, and a few fractured sections. In certain departments I’ve talked a good game but haven’t been able to carry the weight of the words to completion. Head-knowledge, quotable quotes, and a life principles are easy to come by. But to live by them – it takes time; it takes meditation, reflection, and lots of repetition.

John Maxwell in Failing Forward says, “you know you’ve learned a lesson when your actions change.” Apostle Paul says, “Godly sorrow brings about behavior modifications.” (My paraphrase).

Tim Story puts learning and growth as going from “revelation, to conviction, to movement.” That until information make us move it will always be vain.

Vanity is sweating, when you should resting. Vanity is living by the slogan: “fake it, til you make it.”

Vanity is building a life with no foundation.


Happiness Is…


Edge Living

I want to keep myself on the edge, but not fall off. Living far from the crowd but not be haughty nor proud. 

I want to be secure with who I am, the way I was made. Before the days I got seduced to live for social proof.

I want to walk by faith and live, aware of his voice. When deeds go dark as night I still won’t run and hide. 

I want to stay forever known, and know that I’m a son. So when all is said and done, I lay awake for his return.

I keep myself on the edge.


Making Money While You Sleep…?

“Internet marketing is the only business where you work 20 hour days in order to ‘make money while you sleep’”.


Yesterday (a few months ago now) I heard that statement from a very successful internet marketer. I was blown away. What happened to the rich beach bums, passive income and 4-hour work weeks??

It was a short Skype conversation that I will be forever grateful for. After making that statement – he elaborated a bit by saying if you really want to be successful quickly – work a few 100 hour weeks and you’ll be on the right path.

The principle that he was trying to explain was that it will take hard work upfront. And you should not only do it, but do it quickly!

Success will take experiences, trials and failures. But you can squeeze months or years worth of experiences in to a few weeks if you are intensely committed to your goal.

Most of people will constantly think, study, discuss, plan, research… think some more, plan more, investigate more… but never act.

Please don’t be like most.


Passion… The Substance of Courage

“Once you have a mission, you do not need permission.”

I recall first reading that statement in 2002 while reading an excellent book called, “Seizing Your Divine Moment” by Erwin McManus.

From that day and until now- every time I think about it- it liberates me. I’m invigorated to live free.

I believe that most people (including myself) do not move forward at times in their life because of a of lack passion. A mission, drive or inspiration.

We are waiting for permission. Waiting to buy this, pay off this. We’re waiting for our kids to graduate high school, or college, or move out, or be born!

We’re waiting for the economy to turn around- for our bosses to recognize us. We wait because we wanting somebody else, something else, something outside of our control to change.

Like faith is the substance of hope, I see passion as the substance of courage.

We all know that courage is not the absence of fear, but it moves beyond fear. But how does it move? What gives it the ability to move? I believe that comes from passion.

Passion can create a healthy tunnel vision that ignore obstacles, nay-sayers, and even our past failures.

Are you a passionate person? Do you have the guts to let your inner interests bubble out and spill onto others?

Passionate people are very rare. You cannot mistake a passionate person. They will either inspire you or offend you. (Or perhaps a bit of both. )

So anyway – on this morning, as I sip an Americano, listen to podcasts, and prepare to do some real work…I’m once again trying to see how I can take what I’m already passionate about, and add it to my business…

What are you passionate about?


John Piper’s Desiring God, Free AudioBook!

Every month the folks at Christian Audio puts out free Audio books for download. They have previously graciously provided works from John Calvin and even Foxe’s Book of Martyrs. This month of November, Christian Audio offers John Piper’s best selling book “Desiring God” in AudioBook format for free!

This is a really cool deal. I just snagged a copy.


How important is an engaged heart?

Whether it comes from a reaction to an injustice, a shake up after reading a good book, or brokenness after an exposed failure…

( I’m starting to think God may be speaking to us thru our hearts activity. And when we go weeks, months or years without an ounce of inner stirring or passionate conflict – we could seriously be out of step with His plans. )

Question: Does our emotional heart signify that we are truly alive? Does it reflect a life accurately responding to the DNA of God written on our soul?

When I survey the past 10 years of my adult life, I recall that my most defining moments were marked by my heart – completely engaged.

Not by blessings or curses. Not by successes or failures; and not by dreams coming true. It was an engaged heart.

Many things can excite me, or make me happy or sad. But not many things activate my heart.

So now my super-practical-wanna-be in control mind is thinking… “How can I invoke my heart on purpose?” Or is it even possible? And if it is possible – what will it cost me?

Should I continue to live taking up space, inhaling and releasing recycled ideas and dreams?

( Recycled ideas and dreams are oh so cheap! You can buy them on paperback for as low as $4.99. And sometimes w / no shipping at! )

But what about taking time out of my busy life – daily – and unlocking my heart. Could that be the missing part to my unfinished songs, weak-willed commitments, and impassioned relationships? 

Could it also keep me away from the false, the fleeting, and the superficial frills that increase the vanity of my daily existence.

Yeah… I don’t know either.

But I think it’s worth searching out.